Monday, April 03, 2006

Email #41

Dear Mrs New-caseworker

Thank you for saying, below, that the LEA will consider special schools for my son, even after the issue of the requested final statement; I truly appreciate that.

Purely for information:

I have just managed to get hold of 'Special School' in Frome, by phone, even though the students are on their break. They do still have some places and I now have a brochure coming in the post. It does sound perfect, in as much as every observation my contact made about 'these students' seemed to perfectly mirror what I have heard said so many times about my own son.

They have asked for copies of the speech and language report, Ed Psych's report etc and also of the proposed statement, but are concerned that the provisions in part 2 should be clear and unambiguous in describing the type and quantity/frequency of provision. I understand they need this as part of the acceptance criteria, so from my perspective this does nothing to change my intent/need to appeal about the provision in part 2 of the statement.

Also for information, my contact is Mrs J on telephone number xxxxx xxxxxx.



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