Monday, April 03, 2006

Email #37

From SEN Caseworker

Dear Mrs Bagage
I can confirm that your understanding of the response received from schools is correct; as you noted, we need written responses (particularly as R are saying that they feel the current statement band would not be sufficient to provide Son with the level of support they feel he needs) and can then finalise the statement. When you receive the final statement the accompanying letter will explain how to appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal against any part(s) of the statement, including the school named in Part 4 - but of course we would far rather try to work with you and avoid an appeal if at all possible
When we sent you the proposed statement you should also have received booklets giving details of all East Sussex maintained schools, of non-maintained special schools and of independent schools. These booklet give brief details -including, where applicable, the type of special need that the school caters for.
If you wish to make a representation for any other school, we can consider this; to date, we have had your preference for P (1st choice)and R (2nd choice),and have consulted the Governors of these schools and of the allocated school, S. In the absence of any other school preference, we will endeavour to meet your second preference as your first preference school is full in Son's year group for this September.

Mrs New-caseworker


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