Friday, March 31, 2006

Email #35

Dear Mrs New-caseworker

This is to formally acknowledge the telephone call I received from your assistant at roughly a quarter to nine this morning and to ask you to act (in bold).

I will now be looking at special schools, having only just been advised by an independant individual that Aspergers specific schools with full access to the national curriculum do indeed exist. You will recall that the lack of such schools was my main reason for seeking a mainstream placement with sufficient provision in place.

Meanwhile I will also want to investigate the appeals procedure against the decision not to offer my son a place at the mainstream school, P.

Please advise me on how I go about formally appealing that decision.

To confirm what was said this morning I understand that:

The LEA first rejected my application for a place at P on the grounds of the school being oversubscribed.

You then wrote to the Governors of P, R and S schools (thank you), declining to name the school of my choice on my son's statement until/unless the school first agreed to admit him, and received the following replies:

S - accepted

P - refused on the grounds of being oversubscribed

R - Expressed concerns that their special unit was geared towards dyslexia and that Son would need a permanent INA to flourish in their environment.

I understand that you have/will write to R asking for clarification.

Please will you confirm that I properly understand the responses of the LEA admissions dept and the three boards of Governors, in writing or by return email.

This does not change my requests as detailed in my previous email (copied below). Please could you now issue the final statement so that it is in place before schools re-open from the Easter break.

Many thanks



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