Thursday, March 16, 2006

Email #31

Dear Mrs New-caseworker
Hello! How was your break? I hope you had a lovely time.
Sorry to email you (again), but our last phone conversation was exactly two weeks ago today, at which point you were going to write to School Governors to seek a place for Son, before going on a break. I know you were still on leave this Monday, and out at meetings on Tuesday because I have been trying to reach you, to see whether there has been a reply.
I am very anxious to get things finalised and sorry to hassle you when you must be really rushed and trying to catch up.
I do want, as discussed, to raise a few questions/requests about the wording of the proposed statement, then again for Son's sake I also would like answers ASAP (whatever those answers may be) so that the final statement can be issued and we can get on with getting on.
So, two questions:
1. Please have you heard back from the Governors, and what was their reply? (I would really appreciate a copy of their letter - is that possible?)
2. I want to discuss the wording of the statement. There are two ways we could do this - could I come up to County Hall and see you next week?
If I visit, it would hopefully be to have all the issues resolved with yes or no answers in one sitting and then ask you, whatever the official decision is; to issue the final statement. I would probably ask a member of Parentlink to come with me, not to be funny but because I would be taking note of verbal responses and would want another pair of ears there, preferably a pair that know the ropes.
I guess we could do this by email, with me asking questions/asking for changes, even in the manner preferred on the form that came with the proposed statement, but before opting for that instead of a meeting, if we did it that way, how soon would I receive answers? Could we turn it round inside a week? If not, I think maybe a meeting is best. Do you please have room for that, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday next week?
I know you are incredibly busy after your week off, but hope to hear from you this week if possible (today or tomorrow)
Best regards


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