Thursday, March 02, 2006

Email #28

Dear Ed-Psych (EP)
As you didn't mind me telephoning you a few weeks back, I hope you don't mind email either!
Thank you for your help and reassurance regarding Son's proposed statement, which, word for word, listed all the things that your Ed Psych report said were needed.
I hope you remember I phoned you in quite a state, as it was about the last day of half term and I had just received the proposed statement giving me fifteen days to respond, nine of which were the half term and weekends.
Sorry to ask this, but could you clarify something for me please? You did say, didn't you, that special needs statements no longer list 'how' access to things is to be provided?
I am sure you said that ESCC never put hours or stipulate which staff are to be used, any more, and that the methods of provision are a matter to be discussed in the transition process between juniors and seniors. In fact I accepted the draft statement on the strength of that advice.
Its just that I've been reading blogs (! great use of my time...) and came across a mother complaining because the hours of provision on her son's statement were being reduced.
Now I am in a pickle and worrying that the panic I was in at the time may have meant I misunderstood you completely.
I know this lady is in a different County and her son's needs were obviously statemented a while ago, but I would really appreciate it if you could reply to confirm that I did properly understand what you said.
Best regards,
In hope


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