Thursday, March 02, 2006

Important Survey - Pass it on!

Just got this by email. At first it went into my junk mail, but as luck would have it, hotmail can't seem to verify my own email address when I post comments to this blog, so every day or so I go and move all my OWN comments out of my junk mail folder. Thats how I found the following email from Laura at UTM.

I don't normally open unsolicited mail, but hey. Vibes and all that.

Anyway heres the message - turns out its about a US University based survey (here) wanting feedback from parents of children under ten, whether or not these children are on the autistic spectrum. They need feedback, and they need it from everybody.

It looks like they are trying to gauge how widespread certain so called 'differences' are, irrespective of diagnosis or apparent 'normality' (for lack of a better word), in fact the few well chosen questions aim (Hallelujah!) to reinforce or discount trends and theories which may pop up for all sorts of reasons, from ethnic origin right down to whether you washed the fruit you ate when pregnant!. In short, at the risk of going on, it looks really potentially very valuable and informative.


If, like me, you have a child on the ASD spectrum, then the site also has other useful info. Sadly as my boy is eleven, I can't participate but I wish I could. Please do duplicate this and pass it round!

Here we go:

If appropriate I would like to post the following information on your blog: and the Psychology Department at the University of Tennessee at Martin are conducting a second survey on the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This survey is for mothers of children with ASD as well as mothers of normally developing children who are ten years of age or younger.

Mothers who participate in the survey will receive a free ABA program to teach their child to follow directions as well as free ABA mini programs for common problems like sharing.

To take the survey please go to


Dr.Gary Brown
Professor and Chair

For myself, I can't afford the time away from my own Aspie to travel to the UK NAS (National Autistic Society) training courses, so the free online training they do at this site is something I will definitely be looking in to.

And yes, an overuse of links to the two relevant pages, but hey, I'm behind this, and happy to do my tiny bit to try and increase the google page rank at the same time.

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