Thursday, March 02, 2006

Email #27

Dear Mrs New-caseworker

Thank you for our telephone conversation today regarding schools admissions. Thank you also for the advice that Senior schools are not geared up for providing individual needs assistants - that support is usually subject based. This was a surprise to me as 'junior school' have spent two years pushing for (and frequently providing, from the SEN budget) a full time INA, plus provision of such from other funding is taken as read, in the Sussex Uni ASD provision.

This raises new concerns, for me. There are only three teachers (1 teacher and two TA3s) in Son's class. He still forgets Mrs A's name and gets most of his detentions from her, because her voice is quite clipped and matter of fact so he reacts to her as if she spoke to him in a venomous fashion, being unable to decode the look on her face or take things in context.

To confirm what was said by phone about peers, Son is working himself up into a state of anticipation regarding attendance at a school other than Seaford Head. He is increasingly looking forward to the time when he will not have to go to school with Dale and Connor (sorry no surnames), who separately mock and chase him, also H who is his friend but has a habit of threatening to kill himself, which Son always takes seriously. Usually Son ends up hiding under a table or walking around muttering to himself in an alienating fashion, in an effort to get over the upset.

As an afterthought it strikes me that the existence of Son's little sister may be / may have been a factor in offering a place at P. This is just to let you know that, as things stand, both children are looking forward to attending separate Senior schools. Daughter is affected by her brother's special needs and she needs room to come out from under his shadow.

In fact, if she were to attend Seaford Head, with Son going further afield, I would have my first real opportunity to give her some individual attention as she would leave for school later and arrive home earlier, or if transport was required/given, then holidays would at least not always match up. This is actually of crucial significance to her development, although she is not the focus of this matter.

For the record, I am prepared to relinquish the sibling's right to a place at the same school, where P is concerned, if this helps.

Thanks again



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