Friday, March 03, 2006

Email #29

Hi Mrs. Baggage,
Thanks for your email. Its no problem to contact me.
In East Sussex we have not listed hours on statements for at least the last 3 years, ever since the new Code of Practice came into force. Under the new code of practice it looks at meeting children's needs under four strands including human resources, assessment and planning, The lady whose blog you read may have an older style statement and the county she lives in may not be up to that stage yet, although they should be.
As I explained in East Sussex children are banded for statements and Son will be at Band A. Please don't worry about it. You did the right thing and Son will received the support he needs.
Have you heard what secondary school he is going to?
I hope this helps and lays your mind a bit at rest. I will be in this afternoon if you have any other questions.
Hope all is well.
Kind Regards,

Educational Psychologist


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