Monday, April 03, 2006

Email #40

Dear Mrs New-caseworker

I'm sorry - let me clarify. I am currently unable to reach the two Priory schools which I understand may be on Easter break and which I have only just discovered to be both Aspergers specific (not a full range of autistic spectrum disorders) and to provide full access to the national (i.e. mainstream) curriculum.

In either case, from their websites, both require a child to already have a statement in order to be considered for a place.

As to the proposed statement:

I consider the provisions in part 3 to be both very ambiguous and inadequate to the needs outlined in part 2.

I request P school to be named in part 4 as "there is nothing in law regarding admission numbers/schools being full" (quote NAS advice) being used as a reason for non admittance.

Please finalise the statement, giving me right to appeal to SENDIST.

Sorry again, thank you again.




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