Monday, April 03, 2006

Email #39

Dear Mrs Baggage

Thank you for your e-mail and kind words; you have certainly been clear re: wording of the statement and your wish for a placement at P, and I hope that we have been clear about the lack of spaces at this school. However, just to clarify once more - in the absence of any other school preference or representation from yourself, and being unable to name your first preference school (P Community School) as it is full in Son's year group, the SEN team are endeavouring to meet your second preference school (R Community College) as indicated prior to the issue of the statement, as we are aware of your many concerns regarding a placement for Son at his allocated secondary school, S. If you wish us to pursue a placement at R, we will do so, and will liaise with our colleagues in admissions over this - but otherwise we would name S as this is Son's allocated secondary school. However, if you make a representation for an independent or non-maintained school prior to the issue of the final statement we will consider this. Once a final statement is issued you have two months from the date of issue in which to submit an appeal to the Tribunal - so there is scope for you to explore other special schools, for you to come back to us if you feel any other school to be appropriate, and for us to keep talking!
Best regards

Mrs New-caseworker


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