Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Email #10

Parentlink to the school:


Mrs Baggage has contacted our service for support, information and advice about Lewis.
The particular issue relates to his Note in Leiu.
Mrs Baggage feels that Lewis needs are such that a statement is required to support him in school.
The LEA have stated that 'The proposed level of provision for Lewis does not indicate support at statement level( N in L )'

Mrs Baggage is interested in speaking to the LEA -a meeting has been arranged with (SEN casework manager) on Friday 11th Feb at 11:30 at County Hall
She has lodged notice of her intention to appeal against the LEA decision not to issue a statement

At this meeting will discuss

How much help* Lewis has had in the past (was this full time 1-1) and how effective this was

How much help* Lewis gets now and the current effectiveness

The progress lewis is making over time

* help or provision includes a planning of work, grouping, teaching strategies, training etc as well as support 1-1 or in a small group

The N in L hasn't at this time been circulated. (J have you seen it?)

How closely the N in L matches Lewis and the provision he needs
To assist in discussions Mrs Baggage is
Bringing copies of his current IEP (detailing provision)
Examples of any behavioural problems since he has had less support (to compare to when he had more support and also as a measure of progress)
Other evidence of progress from his SAT's scors, spelling test results etc

Please contact me should you wish to discuss this further

(Parent Partnership Officer)


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