Saturday, February 12, 2005

Burgers and Global Warming

Husband G to Son L (I take no part in this):

L: When I grow up I want to save the world and stop them chopping down trees

G: Why?

L: Because we need trees to breathe and they keep chopping the rainforests down and global warming and they said so at school

G: Global warming is about greenhouse gases

L: Durr! Yes I know

G: Best thing you can do is attack the American Burger industry then

L: Eh?

G: Well the problem isnt the trees they chop down, its the cows they put in their place

L: What?

G: Chop down trees, make space for cows, eat cows in burgers.

L: I get it - so if we didnt eat so many burgers we wouldnt cut so many trees down?

G: Not just that. If we didnt eat so many burgers there wouldnt be thousands and thousands of extra cows on the planet, all farting methane.....


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