Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Email #4

Dear Mr Caseworker

Wednesday last week I sent a letter stating that I wish to utilise my right to appeal against the decision regarding Lewis's special needs. I believe I have mentioned my wish to appeal in the past, verbally at least, if not by email, but want to make sure it is recorded. I left the letter until the last minute because ongoing communications between LEA and school imply that no firm decision has yet been reached.

I am anxious that my wish should have been recorded in time for the cut-off date prescribed. I would be very grateful if you could set my mind at rest and confirm receipt.

I am very aware that there are communication issues relating to Lewis' case that both sides are working to remedy (thank you) and that no note in lieu or other 'final' paperwork has yet been issued.

Nonetheless, to comply with the rules I find myself obliged to decide whether to appeal or not, at this uncertain stage. Please understand that I am opting to claim that right only against future possibilities, ie the outcome of the current communications between your department and the school and may wish to rescind if I feel it is no longer necessary. Its all a bit back to front at the moment, although I am very thankful that questions are being raised where your department feels they are needed.

I hope this is acceptable, and hope to hear from you

Many thanks


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