Monday, December 06, 2004

Email #2

Dear Mr Caseworker

Thank you for all your help this morning.

Lewis was diagnosed by Doctor Rene Nassan as having a HIGHER ASD, not a basic autistic spectrum disorder.

I believe this changes the criteria by which his needs should be assessed. Whilst at a cursory glance his difficulties could be said to fall within the category for school action plus when compared with the East Sussex SEN matrix for ASD in general, when compared with the matrix for Higher ASD, I believe the evidences point to difficulties as described under Statement Band B.

This extreme difference takes into account the higher verbal ability and desire to communicate (however innappropriately) which quantify the higher condition distinct from ASD, and which require different handling.

I would be grateful if you could look into this. Before I choose what course of action to take I would be very grateful to hear which matrix was used to assess his educational needs.

Yours sincerely


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