Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Email #22

Dear Mrs School SENCo (and whom it may concern)

At the provisional planning meeting you mentioned the urgent need to plan transition for Son to go to Senior school, particularly the stresses of a lunch hall as an unstructired situation, came up.

I have put Son on packed lunches. I know that at this time of year, each class eats packed lunch indoors in their own classroom, and this is probably the ideal time to begin to introduce him to practice eating with larger groups, before the weather improves and they are all outdoors with even more pupils.

If there is an adult in with class 6G at lunchtime (or if there could be) could we please allow him to eat lunch in with his peer group (instead of in the special needs room) in rehearsal for transition? I know this is an experiment.

Many thanks


P.S. Son seems to insist on learning the hard way, in anything, so if he wants to leave part or all of his lunch I am fine with that. I understand this is a current bone of contention.


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