Friday, December 09, 2005

43 Things = 2 = 2 Million

Yesterday I joined

I haven't linked yet, because I have only come up with two goals:
  • Organise My House
  • Get Organised (aka organise my head/life/targets, whatever)
The first is an essential precursor to the second because the whole place is such a mess that I can't think straight, and the second is hopefully a foundation for doing something about getting a job, or a goal, or a life. Or something.

So far today I have:
  • Gone shopping (oh wow, not)
  • Ordered the forms to take Son's special needs to tribunal
  • Requested a copy of meeting notes from Parentlink
  • Unblocked the outflow pipe from the washing machine
  • Scrubbed out and replaced the leaky U-bend fixture using lots of PTFE tape, on my knees, in a smelly puddle
  • Run a boil wash full of soda crystals to: a) check the seals (yay I rock - no more drips) and; b) try and remove some of the smelly gunk that was settled beyond the U-bend (I got a lot out with my trusty unwound metal coat hanger, but it still stunk in there)
  • Cleaned out the guinea pigs! Well, two out of four, anyway. They belong to the kids and it should be their job, but dramas got in the way this week and we have a schoolfriend round to tea tonight, so best not (with the heating on) to smell like an ammonia bath.
This leaves:
  • Phoning the SENCo at school to nab her meeting notes, see if she or the Ed Psych are prepared to go to tribunal on my side, see if the hint that a letter from the Head would change things is going to have any effect, etc. After all the work she has put in, I may leave her in peace until Monday.
  • Pull the washing machine out once the program has stopped, so I can crawl round the back and scrub out all the remains of the gunky leak from the outflow. Definitely a 'today' job because only then can I -
  • Put everything back where it goes so there is room to walk into the kitchen without doing a tiptoe dance
  • Clear up and do proper tea for four kids - my two, plus friend, plus granddaughter, who is coming over to stay tonight.
I say 'proper' tea because after a school dinner, often (hallelujah) my kids just want jam or peanut butter sandwiches. When friends come round, however, tea involves chips and then ice cream.

After that, ie by 6 o'clock tonight, I will be back up to date as in:
  • All the normal household paperwork, letters, etc will still have to be done
  • I still have to take a snow plough to the detritus in daughter's bedroom so that we can pull out the visitor bed.
  • The rest of the house is a tip as per.
Still, at least by the end of the day, I may be behind by about a week, but won't be going backwards anymore. That's me, Mercury (which changed yesterday) and Mars (today), all going in a forwards direction again, for the first time in, ooh, ages.

All good stuff.

Sorry I'm not getting around to comment. Sorry too that this is a 'my boring life' post (again), but I hope it explains that I miss you all, value your comments, and look forward to catching up and reciprocating.

Please God.
Please Husband.
Please house, cat, G pigs, kids and grand kid.

Oops - time to go get the kids. I nearly forgot them (I tried, honestly, but it didn't work.....)


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