Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Still Here

Still smoking. Like the magic porridge pot my 50 gramme pouch of baccy still has dry stuff in the bottom and so I'm just keeping on keeping on. I'm starting to think about drinking lots of water, but not until I've got the kids to school. A couple of pints from the cold tap probably isn't too wise until I'm back indoors in the warm.

Are my UK friends all stocked up and prepared to spend next week at least, stuck indoors? Haha, we're not. A month ago the news was all about the worst winter for a decade (remember 1996?), now some helpful souls are mumbling about the worst since records began in the 1800s.

Anyway - got a claim form to fill, then an appeal to write up re son's schooling next year, then a letter needs sending to the County so they can dish his special needs Note in Lieu out to all and sundry, then a meeting to organise, a website to look at rebuilding and I'm half way through an online dreamweaver course with the HTML one standing ready, so I'm not around much, this week.

I console myself that most of my American friends will also be around less and less with the work of Thanksgiving to do, so its perfect timing, if it has to happen.

I may go down my Da Silva downloads - they have a real nutzoid way of looking at life - the ones I found try to draw punters in not with the prospect of changing their own attitude, but with the prospect of using some sort of mind control over circumstances and other people, so the lower level chat rooms are full of people claiming to have 'imagined' X into liking them, or Y into giving them money.

I didn't hang around to see if the attitude gets readjusted at the upper levels, but their very early audio files for getting into a relaxed state are fantastic and they have a built in safety switch (from my perspective) at the point that they start suggesting we can reach other planets with our minds. Then the back of my own mind sticks its tongue out and starts chanting 'Cuckoo, cuckoo!' Instant wake up call.*

I don't care. The earliest tapes are just about getting you so relaxed that they can plant these silly suggestions in the first place. Although my mind won't have them, its still very restful up until then.

So, stress levels first (in a manner that doesnt involve sleeping for a week) followed by lots and lots and lots of paperwork - unfortunate as I generally smoke more at my own keyboard, so probably followed or interrupted by more work on the stress. Oh, and someone's bringing the kids home for me today and will expect a cup of tea, so I have an hour with bin bags and laundry and bleach to squeeze in there somewhere before three. Jolly fun.

Yup, this week, unashamedly, it's all about me. I'm trying to be strong and resist the urge to play comment fairy when I should be sorting my life out. Sorry.

Have you noticed, all the best people seem to be in their only little bubble of WTF at the moment? Deja Vu - we all had this back at the eclipses. Then it was about changing outlook, now it seems to be about facing the mess. Its nice when theres a cosmic pattern, when you can see the rest of the class scowling over their own exam papers too.

Advice for the day: Try and smile. If nothing else, it scares people. :-)

*If that offends anyone, then sorry, tough. I have enough rubbish in my head without letting other people poke their own faiths and beliefs in there while I'm not looking. I prefer to establish personal conjecture only when I'm wide awake, thank you very much.

Oh Bugger. Add one more to the list - finish the T-shirt shop. This to happen as soon as possible, which will be when I'm far enough into my study courses to be happy with my artwork, which means after all the school related stuff, but still.

Tut, tut, tut.


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